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Brookhouse School was excited to host its first TEDx event in 2012. TEDxBrookhouseSchool was held on Saturday, November 17th, 2012. We were joined by hundreds of other TEDxYouth events throughout the world to celebrate the voice and vision of young thinkers and doers of a global series of events held in honour of Universal Children's Day (November 20). The TEDxBrookhouseSchool brought together an audience of Secondary School students and adults for a half day of inspiring talks and conversation. The conference theme was "Dream Big... Then Do It" and featured speakers who shared their stories of pursuing their dreams. TEDxBrookhouseSchool conference prepared a programme that challenged audience members to think critically about their lives, communities and own leadership, and was designed to inspire the students to be more creative and innovative. The topics discussed can help prepare young people for a life of service, challenge, adventure and international understanding. The audience got the opportunity to network with one another during intervals that encouraged sharing ideas. In addition to hearing live speakers and recorded TED Talks on 17th November 2012, attendees were able to visit the TEDxBrookhouseSchool Exhibition before and after the event. The exhibitions showcased creative works of art and other innovative projects.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED