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From left to right: Natalie Munda, Erica Kunkio, Tashanah Muhando, Waithira Mwangi, Moraa Ongwae and Ivy Milafu
Trevor Gitonga
Chelsea Wanga
Ian Munene
Trevor Gitonga is self-driven, ambitious and humble. He is a senior student at Brookhouse School. He is passionate about public speaking, friendship and especially knowledge, which he believes holds the key to humanity reaching its potential. Trevor's daily goal is to learn at least one new thing every day. He considers himself a scholar, a listener and a global citizen.
Chelsea Wanga is 16 year old senior student at Brookhouse. She is an extrovert. She loves dealing with people and public speaking. She hopes one day be able to share her talent with the world and aspire young ladies to be whatever they want to be.
Ian Munene is a senior student at Brookhouse School. He is enthusiastic in acting taking main actor's role most times whenever given the opportunity. He is friendly and calm.
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