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Day : Saturday
Date : November 19th 2016
Time : 10.00am - 4.00pm

2016 Speakers
Edward is 19 years old and is currently studying BTEC Music at Brookhouse School. Edward has always had a passion for music. His first performance was at church where he sang “Light of The World” at the age of 13. Since then, he has gone on to perform multiple times and describes it as a feeling he can’t explain. He loves to share his music with people as it allows them to relate. Edward's favourite genre to perform is reggae, however he says he does a lot of pop music. He hopes to study Music Performance and Production at Berkley in New York.
Malavika is 17 years old and is a student in Year 12 at Brookhouse School. She is singing "Someone Like You" by Adele for her TEDx performance. She rarely performs in front or people or gets very nervous when she does. She has therefore decided to take advantage of this opportunity. She mostly likes pop music and EDM. Some of her hobbies include painting and swimming. In the future, she wishes to study Biotechnology in UBC.
Michelle is 16 years old and is currently doing her AS-level studies at Brookhouse. For her TEDx presentation, she plans to perform "Salvation" by Gabrielle Aplin. Michelle was inspired to do TEDx as she wanted to get out of her comfort zone (where she describes herself as shy) and felt this was the perfect platform to try it out. She does not have a specific genre of music that she likes because she believes diversity is key when you are a musician. “Happiness is not the absence of problems, but it is the ability to deal with them.”
Yashvi is 17 years old and is currently in Year 12 at Brookhouse School. Her TEDx talk is about the 'Disability Advantage'. She was inspired to do this talk as she observed disabled people and noticed that some, if not most with physical disabilities had become very successful in life. She researched on them, discovering their secret to success that she will bring to light during her talk.
Claude Ouma is 18 years old and is currently in his final year at Brookhouse. For his TEDx presentation he discusses the use of bio gas to replace fossil fuels. He has always been passionate about doing great things and was inspired to do this talk when he saw trash laying on the ground one day and began to think of solutions. From his talk, Claude hopes to spread his idea across the globe and hopefully meet people with similar ideas and join together to discuss and build on this project.
Ayana has always aspired to change the world through music. She has always felt as though music acts as a healing balm to those wounds that go far beyond the surface. Music touches the soul and she strives to touch the hearts and souls of those who hear her music. She imagines living in a world where music is a lot more than just an enjoyable past time. She imagines a world where life-changing decisions center around inspiration from music. She feels that it is her duty to embody this vision, and begin to change the world, one note at a time.
Breanna is 14 years old and is currently in Year 10 at Brookhouse. Her TEDx performance will be the song "Who You Are" by Jessie J. She chose this song because she feels very strongly about bullying and decided that she should express her concerns through a song that encourages people to accept who they are and not let anyone bring them down. Her hohbies include reading writing songs and "just music in general."
Nigel is 18 year old photographer and a senior student at Brookhouse. His inspiration for speaking came from a passion he has. A passion that went against all the norms that he had grown up knowing; that helping people and being a creative was not what the future had in store for him. Through his story, he hopes to be able to ‘light another persons candle’ by being an inspiration to them or an exemplar that would enable them to make a positive change in their life.
Janblu is 14 years old student in Year 10 at Brookhouse. His passion for writing is unlike any seen before. He is an avid reader and never reads a book without finishing it. But the most amazing thing about him is the love for the world of film. Through his growing YouTube channel, he continues to exercise his directing and editing skills as he creates fantastic videos. His Ted talk is a story about his YouTube channel and how anyone can make a difference with just one video. Fuelled by his big imagination you can never tell what he will come up with next.
Trevor Ntutu is a student in Year 12 at Brookhouse. He is 17 years old and his TEDx talk focuses on confidence and improving self image. He was inspired to do this when he did not get the half term grades he hoped to achieve. He hopes to get into one of the Ivy League universities like Yale or Harvard where he would like to study engineering or business administration.
Nicole Sang is 13 years old and Penina Mbugua is 14 years old. They are both in Year 9 at Brookhouse school For their TEDx presentation they plan to essentially talk about fireballs and creating an artificial sun. They were inspired as a result of the pollution of carbondioxide in our atmosphere and hope to discover a new power source that will not pollute the atmosphere and will supply power to at least one entire city. Their hobbies include Art, Playing the piano and violin, Dancing and Swimming.
Minahil is an inquisitive 15 year old who is passionate about public speaking. She is currently in Year 11 at Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi. Her TEDx talk will be on ‘What makes you Kenyan?’ This question has nudged at Minahil’s mind since she was in Year 8 when it occurred to her that despite being fourth generation Kenyan, her skin color wasn’t represented on the Kenyan flag. It is from this awakening that Minahil sort to explore what makes one Kenyan: is it their color? Their experiences?
Kiinga Kioi is 16 years old and is currently doing his AS level studies at Oshwal Academy, Nairobi. For his TEDx talk he will showcase a presentation on “The Revival of a Prideful African Generation”. Kiinga was inspired to perform at TEDx as it provides an opportunity to share a positive and inspiring message of hope to the African young generation. The interface of Africa over the last few years has been fumed by stories that promote negative perceptions of the continent. However he believes that every opportunity to promote a positive image about Africa and encourage the youth to deliver the continent from the bondage of negativity into the promise of prosperity is a chance worth taking and TEDx provides this rare opportunity and platform to do so.
Tracy Mbugua is 17 years old and wishes to study Medical Law in the UK. Her hobbies include painting, writing and swimming. Anne Arum is 16 years old and her hobbies include playing the piano and swimming. She wishes to study Engineering in Canada. They are both students in Brookhouse. Their talk focuses on the environment and they are beginning a campaign called "Revive the Green." They believe trees have been part of their lives and those of their ancestors for so many years and they wish to tell people more about conserving them.
Zanir is a Diploma 1 student at Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi. He is 17 years old and feels that he is yet to reach his full potential academically. This may be as a result of him not perceiving himself as being clever due to the prescribed definition of cleverness: usually academic prowess. In his TEDx talk, Zanir challenges this described definition of ‘being clever’ and explores other possible definitions of the word which encompass all the areas of the human being; not just their intelligence. By so doing, he hopes to inspire students who may not fit into the prescribed definition of cleverness to have a paradigm shift of themselves and begin to appreciate and embrace their own cleverness. Zanir enjoys taking part in charitable activities.
Ruwaida Hashi is a 17 year old and is currently doing her A2 studies at Oshwal Academy Senior High. For her TEDx presentation, she plans to perform a talk called “Thank you anorexia”. She was inspired to give this talk after having suffered Anorexia for 1 year. She felt it was her duty as a young person to talk about this issue from her point of view as a person who has been a slave to this disease. She also plans to use this topic to promote positive body image and its importance in youth. She enjoys carrying out acts of charity in organizations such as ‘Stand up Shout out’, playing netball and having a laugh.
Eva is 15 years old and is currently in Year 11 at Brookhouse. For her presentation, she plans to discuss about mental health and address the issue and stigma surrounding it. She was inspired to do this talk in memory of a friend whom she lost to depression. From her talk, Eva hopes to create spread and awareness on mental health. She also hopes to decrease dangers and deaths caused by mental disorders and hopefully encourage more people to seek medication and help. Some of her hobbies include singing and reading. Eva hopes to be a psychologist in the future and study at UCLA or Toronto University.
Stephen Chege better known as ‘Steven Urban’ as his brand name. He is a creative entrepreneur with a hand in music, fashion, technology, humanitarian work, tea & coffee. He is a peforming artist, Director & fashion designer at ‘Made In Africa- Kenya’, Co-Director & visionary at ‘The Mind Experience’ which is a technology based company that creates solutions using innovations based on technology, Director of ‘Beautiful Flower Kenya Org’ & lastly Director and Project Manager of ‘The Sub Saharan Tea & Coffee Festival’, a social event that brings people together to enjoy the world’s best tea & coffee.
John M. Wamburu is a software engineer at IBM Research, Africa, working in the Cognitive Healthcare Group. His research interests include intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, the internet of things and most recently, cognitive healthcare. Prior to joining IBM Research, he spent a year as a systems engineer at IBM Technical Support Services. He holds a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering from Kenyatta University, Kenya, and is a current graduate student in the Computer Science department at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Darkshia and Bol are both 13 years old and are currently in Year 9 at Brookhouse. For their presentation, they will present a talk on ‘Paper’. They were inspired to do this talk as they observed that in school, recycling was mostly focused on plastic. They therefore wish to focus on to paper as it can also be useful. Their aim is to let people know how harmful it is to waste paper and inform them on how they can recycle it and put it to good use. Their hobbies include video games and they describe themselves as “Avid Fans Of Learning” who’s favourite subject is Maths.
Thomas is18 years old and is in his final year at Brookhouse. His TEDx talk will be on Panafricanism. He was inspired by all the history and research on the topic and where he lives. He aims to tell the youth more about Panafricanism, conquer the divide of nationalism and instill patriotism. He hopes to study Political Science in UBC or Alberta. Some of his hobbies include basketball and rugby.
Roberto is 13 years old and is currently in Year 9 at Brookhouse. His talk is called “Beyond The Horizon” and it is about how he believes humans are limited in their knowledge. Roberto has always been curious about the world and wanting to know how to solve problems that could better our lives alongside thinking about solutions. His aim of the talk is to inform people that they can achieve great things and inspire them to look beyond. His hobbies include writing novels, reading, watching tv, and creating things.
Harshitha is 17 years old and currently completing her A levels at Oshwal Academy Senior High. In her TEDx talk, “How my dog taught me to be more human”, she conveys what humanity means to her, and how the perspective was brought about by understanding her dog’s behaviour. Through her talk she would like to shine light on the issues human beings still face with connectivity and how small, positive changes can impact significantly.
Hakeem is 18 years old and is currently doing his A-level studies at Oshwal Academy Nairobi Senior High. For his TEDx talk, he plans to speak about the 5 factors that affect general human well-being. He came up with these factors from a combination of empirical evidence coupled with his subjective experience of the world. He also has a profound curiosity as to how and why we do the things we do as human beings.
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